Real Vs. Perceived

I”m not even close to an expert in Autism. I am only an expert in it as it relates to my son and my family. But what I have to write about today has to deal with my biggest struggle with my son and that is how he perceives his life and education. I value […]

Simply Human

Being born human, having a human genome, being present in the physical world, growing in consciousness and self awareness, developing sense of others and maturing to reproduce more humans, IS simply human. And to die is what all living things eventually do. Human is all we humans know. We truly don’t know what it is […]

Wish I had a picture-risks of being “out”

I wrote one of my first blogs about Autism diagnosis and what that feels like as a parent. What I didn’t say was that when my child was going through the ASD evaluation process, I was also having my own crisis. The children’s dad was coming back into the state after being gone from their […]

Creative Compulsion: How duct tape, cardboard & aluminum foil saves the day!

Duct tape, cardboard and aluminum foil are the three most wonderful inventions of the modern world for my child. Every day there is a new creation made from these materials. Usually, something from a movie or video will spark a creative thought that drives the compulsion to cut and wrap until completion! It is not […]

What’s up with that hair?

I love this question. I don’t get offended for my boys like I used to, because I’ve grown to realize it’s a teaching moment. For most people who have even a basic understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and it’s higher functioning label, Asperger’s Syndrome, they already are aware that sensory issues express themselves in […]

Autism Research

Autism Research


My child begins his school day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This was never an issue for our family. It was nothing I ever commented about at home. Since there were no ‘Pledge’ issues, it was something we just let go. Until about a week ago. One day after school, Oliver asked me what I […]

The Truth Has Set Us Free

Breaking free from one’s religion is so liberating! ¬†As in this piece of scratch art I made years ago, my family identifies with the difficulty of breaking through the mental walls constructed by religious dogma. If I were to look at this image through my old Christian eyes, I might have related to salvation or […]

We are going to Reason Rally…are you?

If you haven’t heard, Reason Rally is coming to Washington DC on Saturday March 24, 2012. It will be THE place where atheists, agnostics, non-theists, secular humanists and every other flavor of non religious humans can get together and celebrate our freedom from religion on the National Mall. Personally, I cannot wait for this event. […]


When the evaluation was finished, and I was invited to the meeting, I had to confront a reality that I wanted to deny, Autism. I cannot remember the moment exactly, but it doesn’t matter. Some parents, I hear, are just fine with an autistic diagnosis for their child. I wasn’t. I was one of those […]